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Viaduct Road plantpots could be replaced by communal bins

From Brighton & Hove News

Controversial plantpot chicanes placed in Viaduct Road have been declared a success and will now pave the way for a permanent traffic calming scheme –  which could replace them with communal bins.

Viaduct Road pic

The big black plant pots, rescued after they were taken away from the front of the Duke of York’s to create a mini-square, were placed in the road in February, to the consternation of many motorists.

But in just the first week, speeds in the 20mph road dropped from an average of above 40mph to 23.5mph – and now the planters have had a chance to be monitored over several months, a permanent scheme is on the way.

And at the request of residents, it could make space for communal bins by providing build-outs in the road – which would also help solve the problem of wheelie bins being left on the narrow pavements.

A council spokesperson said: “The temporary planter chicane scheme in Viaduct Road has been successful and traffic speeds have significantly reduced.

“We are now in the process of designing a permanent scheme which could also incorporate communal bins which have been requested by residents.”

The trial followed requests from the London Road Local Action Team, which approached the council about ways to spruce up the whole road.

A request to house owners to freshen up their paintwork prompted two landlords to commission renowned Brighton graffiti artist AroeMSK to paint two murals across four houses.

Viaduct Road – what happens when Houses in Multiple Occupation let the side down?

London Road Area Local Action Team

At the LAT 5th May we were pleased to welcome Mike Slagter from the Private Sector Housing department who spoke to us about the role his department could play in lifting the performance of Viaduct Road.

His department deals with licensing of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), and setting good standards for this type of accommodation. More than half the properties on Viaduct Road are HMOs.

Here are some of the questions we asked, and the answers that he gave.


  1. please could you point us in the direction of general info about HMOs

If you have not seen it already, the relevant page of the council’s website is http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/housing/general-housing/licensing-houses-multiple-occupation-hmos, from which there are links to further information including a list of frequently asked questions, a list of licensed HMOs and, via the FAQ page, the council’s standards that apply. Not all HMOs have to be licensed but regulatory…

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Viaduct Road Traffic – update and reactions

London Road Area Local Action Team

During 2014 we had repeated complaints from residents about the unfriendly and unsafe condition of Viaduct Road – detailed elsewhere on the website.

As part of this we had been looking at measures to calm the traffic , which, so we were told, sometimes reached 50mph on a residential street some 400m in length. Over three meetings, December, January and February 2015 we considered various option and possibilities. We were told that money was going to be tight – but that the Council would try to do what it could to help the residents.

True to their word the Council team re-cycled some planters to produce ad-hoc traffic calming. The adverse reaction was intense – from coverage in local media even up to (?) the Daily Mail.

You can read the adverse responses at your leisure, and for the sake of balance there is also a radically opposing view…

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Viaduct Road “Graffiti House”

From We Love Brighton

Landlord brings in renowned graffiti artist to paint his house after Council’s call to tidy up properties near London Road.


Landlords of properties on Viaduct Road were recently sent letters telling them to tidy up their properties as part of the London Road regeneration but one Landlord took things a step further by bringing in renowned Brighton graffitti artist Aroe MSK to paint a huge mural on the theme London to Brighton. Aroe MSK is well known in the City for his work which includes a Star Wars mural of At – Ats (now removed) and the Run DMC mural in Kensington Street. More recently he has also worked on the i360 hoardings.

The mural features landmarks such as Beachy Head Lighthouse along with a tattooed Queen Victoria, tube trains and a British Bulldog.

Follow Aroe MSK on Twitter here – @aroemsk