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Planning Application to remove tree in building development.

A neighbour has alerted us that two planning applications have been lodged relating to the development between The Open House and the railway line.

“I got a consultation letter through the door from the council the other day, it relates to the development between the Open House pub and the railway line.

The application is this one:


They also put this in just before:


I thought that was rejected by the council but it now seems they are both active.

They want to cut down the sycamore tree even though it is protected and they said in their plans they would keep it.

They justify this by saying the ground is so contaminated by cyanide, lead and PAHs that they need to lay down a membrane to protect future inhabitants from the contamination. Great place to build houses!

They say the tree makes doing that more difficult, though from reading the consultation doc it seems keeping it and working round is an option – just more expensive.”

Save Our Trees Success!

We have reached our target to protect and replace the trees in Springfield Road!

Some wonderfully generous pledges have been made today to get us over the line, in addition to those received throughout our campaign to save these trees.

All our lovely backers will now receive confirmation from Spacehive that their pledges will be collected in the next couple of days, and they will have the personal satisfaction of knowing they played  a real part in securing these beautiful assets for generations to come.

Huge thanks to everybody who has contributed, we can’t thank you enough.

Watch this space for progress reports, as we will shortly be able to return to the Council’s arboriculturalists to report our success, and to arrange and negotiate the practical steps now needed to finalise this project. Thanks again.

A tree for Station Approach

SRRA has secured permission to plant a tree next to the footbridge on the station approach off Springfield Road. The vision is either a Silver Birch or Mountain Ash to match the trees on the south side of the station.

Does anyone have a tree in their garden they could donate? Ideally it would need to be fairly well grown and mature, perhaps 4m in height, as a smaller specimen would be vulnerable to vandalism.

If we cannot find a donated tree we will need to buy one. To purchase one of a suitable size would cost anything from £100 to £300 so if you would like to make a contribution to the fund please email southdownrise@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance.