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Petition about car parking In Zone J South of the railway line

From London Road Area Local Action Team – Could this affect our area?

“Since it first started between Ditchling Rise and Viaduct Road, Zone J has increased in area hugely and now people from far away can park their cars in local streets in order to visit the cinema, or pub, or leave their car for long periods while they fly away on holiday. This prevents locals from parking in their own streets overnight. This was not the original deal.

There is a petition to complain about this – if you agree please sign here before noon on 26th June 2018 when the complaint with be brought to the Council Environment Committee.

The petition says:

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to make it so that residents in Zone J south of the railway line are once again able to park our cars near our homes at night. e.g. by dividing the zone at the boundary of the railway line.

We are concerned about the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) zone J south of the railway line (i.e. between Viaduct Road and Ditchling Rise). The original advantage of the CPZ was that the residents could park during the day, and overnight within reasonable walking distance of their homes. When the CPZ was introduced there was a massive benefit.
Zone J is now huge. Since the extension of zone J north of the railway line we have found that if we go out in the car, particularly in the evening, we again find ourselves unable to park within the area when we return. We believe that movement within zone J is a significant factor in this.
When we voted for this CPZ we thought it was just for us residents, we were never told that other people from other neighbourhoods were also going to be able to park here in future, and we have never been consulted on this matter.
Please can the Council take steps either to divide zone up into smaller areas along the railway line, or use some other method to bring back the benefit that we voted for.

Started by: Philip Wells (London Road LAT)”

Owners of polluting vehicles to pay more for parking permits

From Brighton & Hove News

People who own vehicles with higher emissions will have to pay 25% more for resident, business and traders parking permits under new charges set to come in this April.

Brighton and Hove City Council officers have recommended that there is no increase for standard permits – but permits for vehicles with more than 166g/km will go up by 25%, while the threshold for a low emissions 50% reduction will drop from 110g/km to 100g/km.

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Parking chiefs to look into alternative ways to pay

From Brighton & Hove News









Council chiefs are to look again at how drivers pay for parking after Conservative and Green councillors joined forces in response to a petition.

The petition called for scratchcard parking vouchers to be brought back after complaints about the switch to pay-by-phone parking machines.

The vouchers were scrapped by the Conservatives in 2008 on cost grounds.

Some people, such as those with arthritis or hearing difficulties, find the new system hard to use while others have complained about mobile phone signal problems.

Pay-by-phone parking machines were first brought in three years ago when Brighton and Hove City Council had almost 1,200 on-street parking machines that took cash.

More than 300 cash parking machines have been removed, taking the total remaining down to 800. And the number is to fall to just 150 by next March when the new £1 coin comes into circulation.

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Technology to support wardens in Zone J parking trial

From The Argus

Parking wardens are taking up their crackdown on illegally parked motorists a gear or two by swapping two feet for four wheels.

Wardens will be patrolling Brighton roads in a camera car fitted with automatic number plate recognition technology during a two-week trial.

The new technology will be used to assist NSL wardens on foot to locate vehicles using out-of-date or fake parking permits as well as drivers who have over-stayed their tickets.

Parking wardens will use the information to check vehicles and issue a penalty charge notices.

The cameras also have the capability to identify untaxed cars but a council spokeswoman said that would not be included in the two-week trial.

The trial is being carried out in streets around Preston Park within the Area J residents’ parking scheme although council officers said there was no particular reason for choosing this area.

Motorists are being warned of the trial through signs in the streets.

The trial is being carried out by NSL at no cost to the council.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the city’s environment and transport committee, said: “NSL asked us if we would host a short trial to see whether this technology could help our on-street parking and ensure a proper use of spaces.

“The technology will support, not replace parking attendants.”

Parking permit shake up could include direct debit and online payments

From Brighton & Hove News

Residents could be able to pay for parking permits online and via direct debit as part of a proposed review of the city council’s permit system.

parking sign pay and display limited stay

A range of tweaks to the current regime are being proposed in response to a survey carried out over the summer.

For full report click here.

Fiveways parking consultation results.

The results of the Fiveways parking consultation have been published, you can view them and supporting documents under item 23 here.

In brief, the intention is to create a new controlled parking zone around Fiveways, bounded by Hollingbury Park Terrace, Hollingbury Terrace, Hythe Road, and extending north to include Osborne Road. The relevant map is Enc. 2 under item 23.

It is envisaged that the scheme will operate Mon-Sun, 9am – 8pm in this area and will be subject to statutory consultation. Free, limited stay bays will replace the pay and display bays by the shops on Preston Drove.

Petition to allow 30 mins free parking in Preston Drove

Fiveways Traders Association have launched a petition to allow up to 30 minutes free parking for their customers.

“We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to amend the Zone J pay and display parking scheme to allow free short term parking for customers visiting Preston Drove businesses. We are requesting specifically that free parking should be allowed for up to 30 minutes with no return within 2 hours

Introduction of Pay & Display parking in Preston Drove has had a detrimental impact on trade for businesses in the area.

We believe that allowing customers to park for free for the first 30 minutes of their stay will encourage shoppers to return to regular use of local shops. We understand that precedent has already been set, as such a scheme currently operates in Matlock Road.

We would hope that this option would also be considered when the new zoned parking to the North of Preston Drove is operational.”