Reported Crime Statistics October 2017

Sussex Police have released reported crime statistics for October 2017, the latest figures available.

Click on the map for detailed information:

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

September 2017 October 2017
All crime 68 112
Anti-social behaviour 18 36
Bicycle theft 4 13
Burglary 2 7
Criminal damage and arson 3 6
Drugs 1 2
Other crime 0 1
Other theft 7 10
Possession of weapons 0 3
Public order 5 4
Robbery 0 1
Shoplifting 1 1
Theft from the person 0 0
Vehicle crime 7 11
Violence and sexual offences 20 17

Please visit for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.


The Brighton and Hove Way

From Pete West –


Our first steps together

If you haven’t already heard the news, I’m glad to announce the Brighton & Hove Way Association was cheered into existence by an enthusiastic meeting of supporters who gathered in Hove Town Hall for our founding meeting.

With a committee of nine very able people elected, the work has now begun to realise our aim of having a permanent, recognised and accessible trail around the city; a route that is well signed, promoted, cared for and available for all to enjoy.

I’d like to extend thanks to all who came along or sent apologies, and everyone who has expressed support for the Brighton & Hove Way.

How to support

As the association’s new chair, I would also like to welcome your help in making this exciting project flourish: whether that’s from the comfort of your armchair or out and about on the route.

If you haven’t already done so, please let us know you’re with us, and we’ll add you as a Supporter and stay in touch, there’s no membership fee – just email “I Support” to

Please pass this email on to friends too and also like and share

We especially need volunteers who can help keep an eye on sections of the trail; checking every 3 months to see if all is ok. Let us know if you would like join the new Volunteer Path Warden Scheme and help watch out for your bit of the B&H Way.

What is a Volunteer Path Warden…

What’s the route?

The route of the B&H Way is not yet finalised – that’s a question we’ll be working on. Meanwhile, here are two maps showing the route of the Mayoral Walk in April 2017 which is the foundation of the route so far. The route uses existing rights of way and access land so go on, get out and explore! Don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

Map 1…  Map 2…

We aim to achieve

The Association has agreed six aims including setting up the B&H Way; looking after it; and promoting its use – especially by under-represented groups.

Thank you again for your support and in helping to spread the word.

Pete West
Brighton & Hove Way Association
Find us on Facebook: BrightonandHoveWay

Save Our Trees Success!

We have reached our target to protect and replace the trees in Springfield Road!

Some wonderfully generous pledges have been made today to get us over the line, in addition to those received throughout our campaign to save these trees.

All our lovely backers will now receive confirmation from Spacehive that their pledges will be collected in the next couple of days, and they will have the personal satisfaction of knowing they played  a real part in securing these beautiful assets for generations to come.

Huge thanks to everybody who has contributed, we can’t thank you enough.

Watch this space for progress reports, as we will shortly be able to return to the Council’s arboriculturalists to report our success, and to arrange and negotiate the practical steps now needed to finalise this project. Thanks again.

Cold but growing …

London Road Station Partnership Blog

The north wind was blowing today … and it was freezing. We’ve already had a couple of air frosts near London Rd Station and it’s only the beginning of November. After the clocks went back at the end of October, it’s easy to feel that winter is on its way. We’ve been winding down: our last two sessions have mostly taken place in the comfort of the conservatory. We did those ‘autumny’ tasks: cleaning and oiling tools, talking about next year’s seeds and cleaning out pots.

I cleared out the maturing compost bin: I think this is our best compost so far – crumbly and not too soggy. But there wasn’t a lot of it, probably because we’ve had it in the resting compost bin for almost a year now. We’ll need to mulch the shady garden and there’s not a lot left.

We’ve agreed that we’ll continue meeting at…

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Reported Crime Statistics September 2017

Sussex Police have released reported crime statistics for September 2017, the latest figures available.

Click on the map for detailed information:

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

August 2017 September 2017
All crime 121 68
Anti-social behaviour 23 18
Bicycle theft 2 4
Burglary 1 2
Criminal damage and arson 5 3
Drugs 13 1
Other crime 3 0
Other theft 15 7
Possession of weapons 0 0
Public order 6 5
Robbery 0 0
Shoplifting 0 1
Theft from the person 13 0
Vehicle crime 9 7
Violence and sexual offences 31 20

Please visit for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

Save The Trees Update

Our intrepid fundraising team went door-to-door on Saturday and generated over £500 in pledges!

Here are some of their experiences –

“My abiding memory was of the tiny tot who came to the door with her father. She had a pile of conkers, and I said “You like conkers, don’t you?” And her reply was “Yes, but … they’re for the squirrels”. We explained that if we plant more trees the squirrels will like it, and that some of the old trees will have to come down because they are not well and might fall down. She replied “Yes, but … I saw a squirrel go up a tree and it didn’t fall down!” “

“Generally, the people who answered the door were all nice and supportive. No-one said “Gosh, that’s a lot of money for 6 trees” or anything like that!”

“I met a lady coming out of the house with a small dog, we chatted about the trees and I invited her to consider where her dog would wee if the trees were all gone. She said she would pledge.”

“I was taken aback today when my neighbour promptly pledged £150. He is a fellow teacher and his generosity, and those of others, when times are difficult for many was heart warming.”

Please can you help? Any amount you can afford would be very gratefully received. It’s only by community action that we can restore and preserve these precious assets for future generations.

We have now reached £1670, 79% of the target, with some very generous pledges but of course we need more, another £445. 

You can pledge here –

Very many thanks to those who have already made pledges.

Bridget, Edward, Jim and Nicola.