Local Transport Plan and Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure plan

From Brighton & Hove City Council

We are currently developing 2 plans.

These are:

The 2 documents we would like to hear your views on are available to view on our webpages using the links above.

Please read and consider these documents before answering this survey. (You may want to keep windows or documents open to refer to these when you answer questions)

Please note that where questions state walking this includes wheeling, and that where cycling is referred to this includes BTN Bikeshare, tricycle, e-bike, cargo, e-cargo and adapted bikes.

If you want us to send paper copies please email us at transport.projects@brighton-hove.gov.uk or phone 01273 293614 and leave your details.

Give us your views

Online Survey

Public consultation begins on six School Streets 

From Brighton & Hove City Council:

We’re asking residents, parents and school communities for their views on proposals for School Streets schemes at six city primary schools from today (Monday 18 October).

A six-week online consultation has been launched to gather views for road restrictions outside:

•    Westdene Primary School
•    Downs Infant School
•    Downs Junior School 
•    St Mary’s RC Primary School
•    Hove Junior School (Portland Rd site)
•    Queen’s Park Primary School

Each school has its own consultation so you can take part in the one that is relevant to you. The information collected through this consultation will be used to inform the design of each scheme. 

You can comment on the proposals online by 29 November. Those wishing to request a paper copy or another format, can email transport.projects@brighton-hove.gov.uk or call 01273 295795, leaving a message with their request.

Details of the consultation are also being sent directly to residents living on the roads which would be affected and to parents via schools. More information can be found on the School Streets webpage.


School Streets was first piloted in the city in March 2019 when a one-day School Streets Taster Day was held at St Luke’s Primary School.

As part of the council’s Covid-19 response, an emergency programme was implemented in September 2020, which saw a further 9 School Streets closures trialled. This experience was used to inform the approach to delivering a city-wide School Streets programme going forward.

In September, Members of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability (ETS) committee approved plans to implement a city-wide School Streets programme, beginning with 12 schools over the next two years.

Working in partnership with the schools, School Streets will create more space for safer journeys to and from school by reallocating road space during drop-off and pick up times. This will allow a safer space for walking, cycling and scooting while also reducing the number of cars parked or idling outside school gates which will improve air quality. 

Residents will continue to have access to their properties during the timed restrictions as will emergency services, Blue Badge holders, doctors or care visitors, people who have a business premises on the street and contracted school transport.

A safer journey to school

Amy Heley, chair of the ETS committee said: “As a School Streets volunteer, I’ve seen first hand the benefits they can have to children, parents and carers in the city.

“We’re working very hard to build a city which supports active and sustainable travel School Streets provide a safe space for walking, cycling and scooting, as well as cleaner air outside the school gates.

“I’d encourage anyone affected to take part in the consultation. It’s important residents have their say on how the schemes are designed so that they work for everyone.”

Consultation on proposed changes to Zone J Residents’ Parking

From Cllr Siriol Hugh-Jones:

Dear all,

We have just been notified of the results of the Zone J consultation.

  • 79.3% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the current Area J parking scheme.
  • 87.5% of respondents are happy for the scheme to remain the same.
  • 13.6% of respondents want the scheme area to be split into two areas.

There will therefore be no change to the scheme at present.

Best wishes,


Brighton Repair Cafe – International Repair Day

Join us on International Repair Day

10am-1pm on the 16th October at Albion Life

This will be our official re-launch of live events
(after several false starts).

Weather Permitting we will be out in the garden.
We ran a little test run in the summer and it was a great spot for hand sewing!

The event will be in the community garden, the hub & the car park area.

Albion Community Garden
Albion Street

There will be fixsters on hand to help you with bike repairing, electrical goods, darning and sewing.

We will also have someone on hand to help with computer repairs so if your laptop’s experiencing problems, please bring it along to the next Repair Café!

We’ll try and help with:

General advice, weird error messages or crashes.

Parts of the computer that don’t seem to be working (e.g. No sound, no wi-fi.)

Data recovery (for example, following a virus attack).  If you need to recover data, please bring a USB drive on to which any recovered data can be copied.

Operating System upgrades (e.g. from Windows 10 to Windows 11). If you have a licence key for your existing copy of Windows, please make a note of it. 

If you’re looking to install a new operating system or upgrade your existing one, please:

a) Back up any data on it that you’d like to keep before coming to the café

b) Make a note of any licence keys for software you’ve already purchased that you intend to re-install.

c) Note your email address and password for your main email address, and for any existing Microsoft (or Outlook or Hotmail) accounts that you have. We won’t ask you for these details, but you’ll need to have them during the installation process. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account and want one, we can help you set one up – it’s free.

Residents’ Parking Zone J Consultation

From a resident:-

“A proposal to split parking zone J into two, divided by the railway line is currently open to consultation as a result of a petition from just 16 residents south of the line. They argue that J is too big, stretching as it does to Preston Drove and that ‘internal commuting’ from northern J residents parking for town or the station worsens their parking situation. No doubt there is some truth in this. I for one hold my hand up.

“While a split zone may help them, it will of course worsen parking for those living in the southern edge of the northern split part, ie Springfield, Southdown etc. especially near the station if the ‘internal commuting’ theory is true, as these streets become the furthest south and closest to town they can go, and of course London Road station.

“I have a sense of deja vu. The current zone J began in the area south of the line, displacing non-resident parking into the Southdown Rise area and leading to the campaign which culminated in J extension as far as Stanford Avenue. Following this, a further wave of northward displacement led to the further extension to Preston Drove. Both extensions caused division and acrimony within the community. This proposed split will lead us full circle: once again a break-away southern J zone will displace its problem onto its immediate northern neighbours. If this split goes ahead it may be only a matter of time before we hear voices in Southdown Rise for a further split of the remaining northern J, along Stanford Avenue.

“I think Zone J works pretty well as it is for the majority of its residents. I hope all residents will complete the online consultation and add a comment about the proposed split.”

The consultation can be found here.


From a neighbour:-

There is a new development at the bottom of Springfield Road called Bright Heights. The Developer got the planning through by saying it was a car free development. As in a lot of developments, they are now asking to remove the car free condition so that all the residents there will be able to get Zone J permits. (This also happened with Wellend Villas).

This will impact directly on Springfield Road parking as the nearest road to the development. Before we had residents parking it was a total nightmare to park within several streets of our road and it is getting increasingly difficult. Once the zone is full there will be no going back and we will be paying to not be able to park on our street.

Please go to the website https://planningapps.brighton-hove.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=QRJT7DDMJEP00,
register and leave a comment objecting to the lifting of the restriction and ask as many others as you can to do the same.


Volunteers needed

Do you enjoy the outdoors and talking to young people? Are you community-oriented? Do you want to help young people enjoy the local parks safely? Could you do street-based youth work?

The Local Action Team for Preston Park and Fiveways is seeking volunteers interested in working with the community to help make our parks safe for our young people over the summer and beyond.

If you’re interested, please come along to the first, exploratory meeting facilitated by youth workers from the Trust for Developing Communities.

When: Monday, 5 July 2021, 6 pm
Where: Preston Park Clock Tower
Contact: Let us know if you can come at ppflat@gmail.com

A safe summer in Blakers and Preston Park

Community safety in our parks is important for everyone, young and old, especially at a time when we value our outdoor green spaces more than ever. In Preston Park Ward we have two great parks and three Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who keep an eye on activity to minimise antisocial behaviour and crime.

Our community can help make this summer a safe one by doing one simple thing – report anything you see to Sussex Police so that they can get a clear picture of what is happening in our parks and take appropriate action based on the facts.

Call 999 if there is a crime in progress or there is imminent danger.

Call 101 if a crime has finished or antisocial behaviour is taking place.

We are helping to spread the word as part of REPORT iT, a local grassroots campaign led by the newly formed Preston Park and Fiveways Local Action Team (PPFLAT). Local Action Teams are resident-led and focus on community priorities in specific areas. PPFLAT provides the space for local residents, organisations, businesses and groups in Preston Park Ward to join the dots and collaborate on projects around local community issues. To find out more or take part, drop a line to ppflat1@gmail.com.

Another attempted break-in – False Alarm!.

We have a report of an attempted break-in in Stanford Avenue, between Grantham Road and Southdown Avenue on Tuesday evening, 1st of June.

We understand that the owners were away but saw the attempt on their remote cameras and called the police.

This was in broad daylight so please be vigilant of your property and those of your neighbours and report any suspicious activity here.

We now understand that this was a false alarm but the need for vigilance remains.