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4 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. Hugo Luck

    As far as I remember Ed there was significant opposition to the dump at the time, but I can’t remember any promises that were made. To be fair, I think some of the envisaged waste lorry gridlock hasn’t happened. I don’t want to play into the narrative of the council forcing through whatever they want regardless of local views, but there’s something about making ones voice heard regardless of the perceived outcome. I think the information here is so woolly and ambiguous I’m not sure even what the focus of protest would be about. Maybe we should suggest it will dramatically affect parking and that will mobilise the troops 🙂

    As for Lewes road, I don’t use it that much, but I have noticed on my commute back from Lewes that Ditching Road seems far more backed up going down to the lights now the changes have been made, which would suggest a knock on effect as drivers avoid the area.


  2. Edward

    Hi Hugo

    I see your post of 7 July about the chance that the Hollingdean depot may be extended.

    I thought the original depot application was allowed upon the understanding that its volume and traffic use could just about be accommodated. Were promises made to residents – I do not know. it concerns me that a major waste site could be built and then expanded like this as if an afterthought. To my mind it looks alarming.

    Hugo, as an aside, do you actually think the traffic scheme on the Lewes road has been ‘improvements’? Cars now sit in single file spewing out more fuel than before while an empty lane sits alongside. I have seen it backed up from Lewes Road to Falmer, literally. This scheme was supported by a traffic ‘analysis’ which was close to pure lying, as I tried in vain along with others to say at the time.

  3. Hugo Luck

    I came across this via work – http://consult.eastsussex.gov.uk/portal/wmsp/2014/ – the ESCC, BHCC and National parks waste and minerals sites plan. This involves increasing capacity to process business and commercial waste, The Hollingdean site is mentioned as a possible site for expansion. There is a publication entitles ‘what does it mean for me’, but it doesn’t really say anything. But in the middle of the main document (p.48) there is the following

    “Development on this site, without mitigation, may have a negative effect on air quality and air pollution; and biodiversity and geodiversity. Depending on the detail of any development it may also affect the amenity of residents and neighbouring land uses; the sustainable use of local mineral resources; water quality; the impact of transporting waste and minerals on the environment; soil quality and functions; the historic built environment and countryside; increasing energy efficiency and the proportion of energy generated from renewable sources; and the growth of a sustainable and diversified economy.”

    I know the site isn’t in your area, but my concerns would be interms of impact on Ditchling Road (which is already under pressure following the improvements on Lewes Road) with additional traffic and any potential pollution (Downs school being very close).

    I don’t have a particularlly NIMBYish view on this – I just think the consultation should spell out more explicitly what any potential impact would be. Like I say, I stumbled across this by accident. Does the Association have a view? Should it be making residents aware of this? Can you find out anything?

    Hugo Luck
    Edburton Avenue

  4. srraadmin Post author

    Welcome to the new Discussion page, please post any comments not covered by the Themes and relevant to our neighbourhood here.

    Previous discussions can be found in the Archive.

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