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Reported Crime Statistics September 2019

Sussex Police have released reported crime statistics for August 2019, the latest figures available.

Click on the map for detailed information:

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

August 2019 September 2019
All crime 120 68
Anti-social behaviour 14 15
Bicycle theft 3 3
Burglary 5 4
Criminal damage and arson 7 7
Drugs 47 2
Other crime 3 1
Other theft 3 3
Possession of weapons 0 0
Public order 6 5
Robbery 0 2
Shoplifting 0 0
Theft from the person 4 0
Vehicle crime 9 11
Violence and sexual offences 19 15

Please visit for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

Graffiti removal enforcement consultation

From Brighton & Hove City Council:-

We’ve launched a consultation on our proposals to tackle graffiti and tagging in the city.

We’re only responsible for removing graffiti from our own buildings unless it’s offensive. But what about private buildings?

Please make sure you have your say:-

Housing or rewilding? Debate over future of Brighton’s golf courses hots up

From Brighton & Hove News:-

Hollingbury Golf Course

The future of Brighton’s council-owned golf courses is provoking a strong debate as the clock ticks down to the deadline for bids.

The council wants to re-let the sites at Hollingbury and Waterhall, and is inviting bids for leisure or conservation uses.

But the city’s Liberal Democrats have called for the Hollingbury course to be used instead for much-needed affordable housing.

Click here for full report.