Planning Application to remove tree in building development.

A neighbour has alerted us that two planning applications have been lodged relating to the development between The Open House and the railway line.

“I got a consultation letter through the door from the council the other day, it relates to the development between the Open House pub and the railway line.

The application is this one:

They also put this in just before:

I thought that was rejected by the council but it now seems they are both active.

They want to cut down the sycamore tree even though it is protected and they said in their plans they would keep it.

They justify this by saying the ground is so contaminated by cyanide, lead and PAHs that they need to lay down a membrane to protect future inhabitants from the contamination. Great place to build houses!

They say the tree makes doing that more difficult, though from reading the consultation doc it seems keeping it and working round is an option – just more expensive.”

1 thought on “Planning Application to remove tree in building development.

  1. Edward white

    People can have their say by going to the council planning page and entering the application number – BH2018/03286. This is a site where the development was only allowed on the basis of supposedly binding conditions to lessen damage to the wildlife, this is one of them, they want it scrapped. There have already been serious issues how the build has progressed, with other ‘planting’ sites under concrete. If enough people object the matter has to be heard properly by councillors.

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