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Reported Crime Statistics July 2018

Sussex Police have released reported crime statistics for July 2018, the latest figures available.

Click on the map for detailed information:

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

June 2018 July 2018
All crime 69 81
Anti-social behaviour 17 13
Bicycle theft 1 2
Burglary 5 7
Criminal damage and arson 0 5
Drugs 4 16
Other crime 1 1
Other theft 6 8
Possession of weapons 0 0
Public order 5 4
Robbery 1 2
Shoplifting 1 0
Theft from the person 1 0
Vehicle crime 10 7
Violence and sexual offences 17 16

Please visit for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

Save The Trees Update

A brief update on the Springfield Road Tree Campaign.

We have met with the Council Arboriculturalist who confirmed that the survey of trees requiring protection and or replacement will take place in the near future and those sites for replanting will be protected. He also informed us that the area is in Tree Planting Zone Three which is scheduled for 2019/20.

This came as a surprise as we, and our councillors, had been led to believe that if the trees were privately funded the work would not be subject to the Council’s planting timetable.

We find this very disappointing and frustrating and are currently trying to clarify the situation. We are hoping to set up another meeting with Council officers and will report again as soon as we have any further information.

The Save the Trees Team