Graffiti Case Study – how Chichester dealt with its graffiti problem

From The Brighton Society

Almost three years ago, Chichester District Council invited the Brighton Society to meet the Council’s Community Development Officer to see what lessons could be learnt from Chichester’s experience of dealing with its graffiti problem.

Chichester Council’s campaign against graffiti began over fifteen years ago in response to quite severe graffiti problems in the Pallant Conservation Area. The Chief Executive at the time was very keen that the problem be addressed, and with strong support from the Councillors, provided a sufficiently adequate budget to make a start on dealing with the issue.

Their success can be judged by the evident embarrassment of our host that he was unable to find many examples of graffiti to show us in central Chichester.  Of the few we did see, three had been intentionally left as examples of acceptable graffiti – see a couple of examples below.

….he was unable to find many examples…..these had been intentionally left









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2 thoughts on “Graffiti Case Study – how Chichester dealt with its graffiti problem

  1. C. Humphris

    When walking home form town yesterday I just kept thinking that Brighton needs a a really good clean. The city is filthy, decrepit and looks very tired indeed. Everywhere is filthy with bins overflowing, needles all over the street, graffiti on almost every surface there is. Some of the lovely Deco buildings above the shops are falling to pieces and dont get me started on the state of the roads. If someone could tell me what our council spends our council tax on then I would be grateful.

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