Shaftesbury Place Planning Application

From Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association –

Please click on link for details of building of two storey offices on Shaftesbury Place:

Make any objections known to Council before February deadline.
Madeleine Cary

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  1. srraadmin Post author

    Hello SRRA,

    Please note that at DRARA we’ve now formed an opinion on the proposed office development on Shaftesbury Place. Here is the comment we will be submitting to the Planning Dept:

    The proposed development will impact negatively on Shaftesbury Place residents, and on commuters and other rail travellers using London Road Station.

    We already have problems with not enough parking spaces for car drivers, as well as narrow pavements cluttered with bins for pedestrians. Workers in the proposed offices will probably need parking spaces. With the demolition of the garages, we lose three potential parking spaces, but create a demand for more.

    Extra traffic generated by a new business will add noise and disturbance.

    We wonder why a business premise is being squeezed into a tiny site in a neighbourhood of homes and houses.

    We would encourage you to consider posting your own objections, if you have them. The more responses they get, the better.
    You should be aware that the plans are listed under ‘Ditchling Rise’, not ‘Shaftesbury Place’, at the Council. The planning application no. is BH 2017/04163.

    With best wishes,

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