Tree replacement in Springfield Road

A group of SRRA members is embarking on a pilot project to replace trees in Springfield Road that have been lost or are in danger due to disease.

The Council Arborealist has identified five trees as needing replacement.

If successful the initiative could be extended to other streets in the area.

We will be raising funds in the near future so watch this space, if you would like to help please reply with your email address and we will be in touch.

2 thoughts on “Tree replacement in Springfield Road

  1. Edward White

    Hi Barbara ! The group is a resident association ‘project group’ and we wanted to limit its remit first to Springfield road alone as the tree avenue there was a pressing issue, but hoped that if we are successful it could be replicated in other roads by residents of those roads eager to save other trees. I know there is a lot of interest in introducing trees to Grantham road, and elsewhere some trees are lost. I must say that Dutch Elm has not previously been discussed in the larger Residents Association group – but come along to the next meeting and put it on the agenda! Bins however has been discussed a lot as a hot topic.

    Kind Regards

    Edward – Vice Chair

  2. Barbara mickleburgh

    Hi, while this an excellent project that I fully support, much of the focus on the group seems to be on Springfield Rd. Many many roads have issues with bins on pavements and loss of trees to Dutch Elm.

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