Sussex Police People’s Voice – results

In May 2017 Sussex Police invited People’s Voice to respond to a survey around Future Demand, Engagement and Expectations.

The survey results, as usual, were very helpful in terms of giving Sussex residents’ perceptions. As policing goes through continuous change, these invaluable insights inform our plans to consider and reflect public expectations.

They asked:

• What are the future emerging threats or crimes that you think Sussex Police should be preparing for? People’s Voice nominated threats such as Cyber-crime and Terrorism; while existing issues such as Anti-Social Behaviour feature prominently.

• How best can we engage with you in the future so you know we are there for you?
While traditional methods such as phoning still play their part, People’s Voice nominated a mix of online, social media and email as preferred channels.

• Based on issues considered priorities within our communities, we explored who people report their concerns to; which agency they chose for specific issues and what they would expect to happen as a consequence.

Respondents demonstrated that they report a range of issues to agencies other than the police. Where the police was still the preferred agency to deal with, reporting via the telephone (101 and 999) and an enforcement approach to issues were still nominated.

Read the June 2017 summary here.