Gardening and cooking group for people with dementia and their carers


The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership are looking for more participants to join our cookery and gardening activities for people with mild and moderate dementia and their carers.

Our cookery groups run for five weeks, and every session involves cooking and eating a meal as a group. Spending time sharing and preparing a meal can be a fun, sociable activity to bring back happy memories of the past or previous knowledge.

Our weekly gardening sessions provide a gentle, regular activity with a friendly group and a chance to build confidence. Gardening is a wonderful activity to help improve wellbeing, get outdoors and take time to notice nature.  There is a heated indoor space on site for tea breaks and in case of poor weather.

The weekly gardening group runs from 28th February to November 2017. The next 5-week cookery groups start on 16th February (Ebenezer Church, Central Brighton) and 30th March (The Bevy, East Brighton).  Please contact Jess Crocker, Harvest Manager to sign-up or find out more on 01273 431700 or go to our website: