Preston and Patcham Society respond to planned scheme for Anston House

From Civic Brighton & Hove


Dear Editor

The planned scheme for the Anston House site includes a series of towers around 12 storeys high (Argus 28 June). The image in the Argus is misleading, it shows a ground floor of so-called co-working space as well as a cafe. It does not show the 12 storeys of flats above, and this would then be 13 storeys in all.

First Base, the developer, claims it has carried out ‘a huge amount of public consultation which included included writing to 3,000 residents’. What was the result of these letters to local residents? I suspect that they would be more accurately described as ‘information’ rather than ‘consultation’. I cannot believe that this revealed a welcome to towers 13 storeys high. I cannot believe that it revealed the overshadowing of the narrowest part of the Preston Park with the Rotunda and the rose garden. Roses need sunshine to flower.

People enjoy sitting outside the Rotunda for much of the year, if this development goes ahead this would only be possible for a short time of the year, mostly in the shade.

The Preston & Patcham Society will be watching the Brighton Society’s accurate plans showing the area of overshadowing of the park at different times of the year.

Selma Montford : Hon Secretary
Preston & Patcham Society, 10 Clermont Road Brighton BN1 6SG