All going wonderfully and too fast!

London Road Station Partnership Blog

It’s all growing – growing so fast I can’t keep up. Our potato plants are huge, with leaves billowing over the old compost bags (wow! our compost must have been powerful) and we’ve now got flowers – good sign. Our fruit trees are looking beautiful with lots of little applets and pearlets and plumlets; we’ve even got blueberrylets and strawberrylets. Our green leaf beds are doing well: last year’s rocket is powering away, this year’s sowings of lettuces of various kinds are taking well, cavalo nero and chard seedlings are in and happy after the rain and beetroot seedlings, planted with two enthusiastic school children about a month ago, are doing well. We’ve got beans and courgettes surrounded by marigolds and the leeks and onions, sown earlier in the year, are growing well.

Slugs and snails are a bit of a problem this year, but the grease bands around the fruit tree…

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