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Reported Crime Map and Statistics January 2016

Sussex Police have released the latest reported crime statistics for January 2016, the latest figures available.

Click on the map for detailed information.

Jan Crime Map
















Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

December 2015 January 2016
All crime 73 62
Anti-social behaviour 24 23
Bicycle theft 0 2
Burglary 3 8
Criminal damage and arson 10 6
Drugs 2 1
Other crime 0 1
Other theft 5 5
Possession of weapons 1 0
Public order 4 0
Robbery 0 0
Shoplifting 1 0
Theft from the person 1 0
Vehicle crime 4 5
Violence and sexual offences 18 11

Please visit for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

Dog poo, fly-tipping and litter patrols hit the streets

From Brighton & Hove News

People caught dropping litter, flytipping and allowing their dogs to foul foul in public places anywhere in the city now face £75 on-the-spot fines as new enforcement officers take to the streets of Brighton & Hove.

The officers, employed by private company 3GS Environmental Solutions, have already begun patrolling in the city.

The new service will support the council’s strategy to encourage everyone to produce less waste and recycle more. It will tackle antisocial and illegal behaviour, improve the environment and reduce waste clean-up and disposal costs.

Each year the council receives dozens of complaints from residents about fly-tipping, litter and other antisocial behaviour and the issues are often raised at residents groups and community meetings.

The scheme was approved by councillors last year and 3GS was awarded the contract following a competitive tendering process.

It will cover fly-tipping, littering, fly-posting, graffiti, dog fouling and disposing of commercial waste illegally. The enforcement officers will wear body cameras to gather evidence and identify offenders.

The council will follow government guidelines to ensure that any fines are issued responsibly.

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Brighton landlord ordered to stop renting out shared house

From Brighton & Hove News

A landlord has been ordered to stop renting out a shared house near Fiveways in Brighton.

Brighton and Hove City Council said: “The landlord of a property near Fiveways in Brighton is no longer allowed to let the property as a shared house.

“Last year Brighton and Hove City Council served a planning enforcement notice on the property, 9 Adams Close, Brighton, on the grounds that there are already many shared houses in the immediate area.

“The landlord continued to let out the house despite not having the necessary planning permission while appealing against the enforcement notice to the government’s planning inspectorate.

“Last month the landlord’s appeal was dismissed by the government’s planning inspectorate following consideration of the case.

“The result means it will be an offence for the owner to continue to use the property as a shared house for rent.

“The property was until recently still being advertised to future tenants. These advertisements have now been withdrawn.”

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Thousands of motorists caught speeding close to schools

From The Argus

615 motorists were caught speeding by this speed camera in Ditchling Road, Brighton.615 motorists were caught speeding by this speed camera in Ditchling Road, Brighton.

Thousands of motorists have been caught speeding outside schools and parks putting children’s lives in danger.

Almost 6,500 drivers have been caught by just four speed cameras in three years in Brighton and Hove.

All the cameras are situated close to schools, parks or other green spaces.

The cameras caught drivers travelling at more than double speed limits with the fastest clocked at 85 mph in a 30 mph zone just yards from the entrance to a school.

Road safety campaigners described the figures as shocking and said they supported calls for more 20 mph zones and higher on-the-spot fines for drivers.

Figures obtained by The Argus show 615 motorists were caught speeding by the speed camera in Ditchling Road which is placed just yards from the entrance to Varndean School and a children’s playground.

The figures relate to the three years up to January 2016.

A further 3,092 drivers were caught speeding by two cameras in Preston Road, close to Preston Park, while 2,746 were caught by a camera in Kingsway in Hove, close to Western Lawns.

Alice Bailey, campaigns advisors for road safety charity Brake, said: “It’s shocking to see so many drivers speeding in areas where there are so many vulnerable road users – many going twice the legal limit.

“Road crashes are a major cause of death and injury among the young with the risk rising as children reach secondary school and drivers must drive safely and with consideration at all times.

“We want more 20mph zones and ultimately call for 20mph to be the default urban speed limit.

“We need traffic enforcement to be made a policing priority, with higher on-the-spot fines providing a real and immediate deterrent to dangerous law-breaking drivers.”

Phil Badman, acting sergeant for Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, said: “Inevitably the deterrent does come down to means.

“If you are not working and fined £100, then you might be more reluctant to speed than if you are a millionaire and a £100 fine is an insignificant amount.

“We do try and direct as many people as we can to our driver courses because part of the process is not just to fine motorists but also educate them.

“We want drivers to show road awareness where circumstances should affect how they think about their driving.”

Pot potatoes – our ‘feature’ for 2016

From London Road Station Partnership:

London Road Station Partnership Blog

250x375_fit_black-potato-bagsMarch 1st: it should have been a presage of spring but after a wonderful bright day yesterday, we woke up to ‘mist and murk’, wind and rain again. I cancelled the usual Tuesday workday as it was very wet outdoors. Instead, four of us met for tea inside in the warm at Diane’s and brainstormed ideas for planting for 2016.

2016 is going to be our pot potatoes year: we’re going to try growing potatoes in pots and bags. As none of us has done this before, we’re looking for guidance and here is wonderful Monty Don, showing how to plant potatoes in dustbins using mostly garden compost. Fantastic!

One of the things which puts me off  growing veg in containers is the need to buy potting compost and replace it each year. But ‘garden’ compost: we have plenty thanks to our community composting scheme. I think we even have a…

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