March – optimism against the odds?

London Road Station Partnership Blog

There’s a lot in this blog about the weather: our gardening lives are dominated by it. Today started out a bright cold morning: blue sky, sunshine and a sense of spring in the air. A morning designed to inspire optimism and plans.

Some of us had arranged to go to our local garden centre; it was the kind of morning when I have to be restrained from buying every beautiful plant in sight. We bought more dwarf daffodils and some pansies to fill spaces in the tree pits and platform planters, along with the primroses imported from Wales and some lovely red primula, reduced in price at a garden centre last week. We also bought another clematis (‘Pilu’) for the Lewes planter and leek seedlings (‘Musselburgh). I envisaged an active work session of planting out.

As we looked back across the Downs from the garden centre, we saw – and felt – the…

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