Seeds for spring

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Yesterday was bright and sunny and for the first time in 2016 I spent the whole day in the garden, pottering and clearing. Sadly, this morning, it’s grey and overcast and we can’t do our planned garden centre visit. Time, though, to take stock of our seeding plans and … do the washing-up. Our seed trays and pots will need to be washed in Jeyes fluid (a dreadful smell, but one I now associate with the excitement of early spring) and set out to dry or be wiped down ready for this year’s seeds.

Last week, over a cosy tea, we reviewed our planting from last year and planned for this year.

  • sweet corn: ok, but didn’t produce enough for the space they took up
  • squash: the ones we deliberately planted didn’t do well, the ones we didn’t know we planted rambled all over the training wires for the mini-orchard…

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