First glimpse of plans for new King Alfred leisure centre

From Brighton & Hove News

Pictures and video of plans for a new multi-million pound public sports centre and hundreds of homes on Hove’s King Alfred site have been released today.


The council and developers have also been speaking publicly for the first time since Crest Nicholson and the Starr Trust were selected to deliver the project, just over 10 days ago.

Under the plans, the current 1930s sports centre would be demolished and replaced with modern public sports facilities. The new sports centre is part of a comprehensive redevelopment of the site. It would include 560 flats, which would largely fund the sports centre. Twenty per cent of them would be affordable homes aimed at alleviating the city’s housing shortage. There would also be community facilities and commercial space.

Images have been released of the overall development – the council says these are indicative at this stage. More detailed plans will be worked up as part of public consultation, ahead of a planning application.

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