Playbus under threat from looming council cuts

From Brighton and Hove News

Brighton and Hove’s popular Playbus could be permanently cut after Christmas as it becomes the latest potential victim of the city council’s cuts.

The council's Playbus team

The council’s Playbus team

The bus’s Facebook page announced the plans, which it expects to be decided at a Brighton and Hove City Council meeting in November.

Now, scores of people have signed a petition started by Hangleton ward’s Conservative councillors Dawn Barnett, Nick Jewry and Tony Janio.

Brighton dad David Allen commented on Facebook: “If Playbus goes it will be a disaster as it really is a unique service and will hit areas of the city where it is needed most.”

And Brighton mum Gemma Trilochun added: “I really hope this can not and will not happen. I can not imagine a school holiday without you all on the Playbus and watching my girls enjoying the freedom to play safe outside.”

The Playbus is one of many council services under threat of cutbacks as a result of an expected 40% decrease in the city’s Government grant over the next four years, totalling £100m or £25m a year.