Blocked drains?

Cityclean plan to clear the drains and gullies in our area in December.

If you are aware of any that are blocked please let us know the location (as accurately as possible) via a comment on this post or our Facebook page so that we can inform them in advance.

Cityclean have also informed us that they will be spraying the pavements to deal with weeds by mid-October, this has been delayed by the recent rain.

2 thoughts on “Blocked drains?

  1. Wendy Twigger

    I’m not sure if this is a council problem or a householder one, but the rainwater/bathroom drain at the front of 27 Florence Road is not draining freely, despite there being no sign of blockage of the grid covering it.

  2. Marisha Respinger

    This is good news!! The drain outside 174 Springfield Road, and the next one down also are totally blocked.

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