Summertime … and the pruning is easy?

London Road Station Partnership Blog

I took the plunge and summer pruned our cordoned fruit trees last week. They were looking very leafy and rather unruly – but then I feel plants should be allowed some independence. Which is probably why I’ve put it off for a while. Pruning is a bit like being taken to the vet – they don’t like it, but it’s good for them. The trees were showing some lovely fruit, and fruiting requires huge energy so cutting back leafy unproductive growth should be a help not a hindrance.

It’s just that the fruit trees in our care – the station garden mini-orchard cordons of apples and pears, our plum and my own miniature apple, plums and cherries – refuse to grow like in the gardening books. The books show well-behaved trees (the kind that don’t miaouw and scratch the vet) growing at the proper angle with a satisfying, well-proportioned shape.

And there are the little red…

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