Planters, tree pits and wayward plants

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LRSP Foxgloves 2015 Our foxgloves in west planter June 2015 (@LondonRdLAT)

Though we tend to focus on our edible growing plot, we love our platform planters and the tree pits outside London Road Station.

The platform planters are quite shady while the tree pits are in full sun, with young trees greedy for moisture: a challenge for planting on both scores. But what’s been chastening – putting us gardeners in our place – is just how joyfully wayward the plants in these areas seem to have been.

First candidate for plant bloodymindedness: our foxgloves. Tolerant of shade, pretty robust and attractive to bees, these were supposed to be the showpiece of our platform planters last year. They did nothing but put on leaf and sulk, though inexplicably one decided to flower in November.  This year, though, they sprung up all ebullient with a lovely show of flowers, as in the photo above tweeted by @LondonRdLAT.

LRSP Platform planters 23.7.15 ‘Nick’s’ planter…

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3 thoughts on “Planters, tree pits and wayward plants

  1. londonrdstationpartnership

    Hi there Susan. Our LRSP planters are all on railway land so we don’t have to go to BHCC for permissions (we do, however, have to run the gauntlet of railway health/safety policies, though, for good reason – thank goodness the railway have been very supportive of the partnership and have always tried to help). Do hope you’re able to set up your planters.

  2. susan

    Though I LOVE the planters and the lovely flowers which encourage wild life – we have been told by the council that we need planning permission to put planters on our forecourt. Do the owners of the planters displayed have planning permission?

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