Parking Permit Consultation

The Council are conducting a survey into permit holders’ opinions regarding the current system.

They ask whether there would be a demand for 6 month permits and businesses are asked whether they would be interested in multi-zone permits.

There are also several questions regarding holders’ views on visitor permits:

  • Weekly permits?
  • Transferable permits?
  • Part or half day permits?
  • Ease of use
  • Number of permits per year.

There is also a space for general comments.


One thought on “Parking Permit Consultation

  1. Keith Appleyard

    Responding on behalf of Fiveways Playcentre, as soon as I ‘ticked’ the box indicating “School” permits, the survey skipped right to the end, so we never got a chance to comment on any of the following ;
    * 6 month permits
    * visitor permits
    * weekly permits
    * transferable permits
    * part or half day permits
    * ease of use
    * number of permits per year
    Not sure what the hidden agenda was, not being interested in what we, or Downs Juniors & Infants, might have to say?

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