Free ‘poo-bags’ for dog owners

A campaign to encourage responsible dog ownership is being brought to Brighton on Wednesday 17th June.

Gloria Animal welfare officers from Brighton & Hove City Council will be supporting the Dogs Trust’s ‘Big Scoop Week’ giving out advice, information and free ‘poo bags’ to dog owners in Kemptown and Patcham.

The team will set up a stand at Ladies Mile Nature reserve in Patcham at 10am and on the grassed area outside Hampshire Court from 2pm to 4pm.

Dog owners will be able to find out about rules and regulations affecting them including the council’s Dog Walkers Code of Conduct.

The officers will also have information about rehoming stray dogs found in the city like Gloria, pictured, who was successfully re-homed after being found in a city park.


One thought on “Free ‘poo-bags’ for dog owners

  1. Teddy

    There was almost no enforcement about dog fouling last year at the council, despite hundreds of recorded complaints and thousands of incidents as we can all plainly see. I have witnessed owners allowing their dogs to foul the pavement, so have you, I would guess. Do not be fooled folks, although this is a good publicity move the Council has completely failed us in this area.

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