So busy in the gardens

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Making the bean structure 2015 Another year figuring out how to construct a bean support

So far it’s been a really wonderful start to the gardening year. Everything is in bloom. We’ve had warmth and some rain. OK, so tomato seedlings are now starting to sulk a bit because the sun hasn’t consistently been shining, but beans and courgettes are growing happily and our fruit trees are looking magnificent.

The edible garden is really filling up. We’ve planted our sweet corn, our courgettes and beans in the central bed. We’ve got lovely chard in the back central bed and we’ll plant some more beans tomorrow. The shady leaf bed now has sorrel, leeks, chives, parsley, variegated sorrel and our replanted mint. Where are we going to put cavalo nero? Probably in the place of the variegated sorrel which all of us find unpalatable and attracts aphids.

Under the far apple tree, our oriental leaves are…

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