Viaduct Road – what happens when Houses in Multiple Occupation let the side down?

London Road Area Local Action Team

At the LAT 5th May we were pleased to welcome Mike Slagter from the Private Sector Housing department who spoke to us about the role his department could play in lifting the performance of Viaduct Road.

His department deals with licensing of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), and setting good standards for this type of accommodation. More than half the properties on Viaduct Road are HMOs.

Here are some of the questions we asked, and the answers that he gave.


  1. please could you point us in the direction of general info about HMOs

If you have not seen it already, the relevant page of the council’s website is, from which there are links to further information including a list of frequently asked questions, a list of licensed HMOs and, via the FAQ page, the council’s standards that apply. Not all HMOs have to be licensed but regulatory…

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2 thoughts on “Viaduct Road – what happens when Houses in Multiple Occupation let the side down?

  1. Teddy

    This is an excellent explanation of how HMO’s are licensed, and what people can actually do to help Landlords by stick or carrot clean up their act. This Council officer sets out the rules clearly. I several times tried to engage DRARA in disseminating this information, but on each occasion they showed no gumption whatsoever, so I gave up. Thanks especially then to LAT London Road for a truly useful talk, and anyone now despairing of what the actual rules are can refer to this officers excellent talk.

  2. Sarah

    With regard to the rubbish outside HMO’s, no one mentions the offenders play, that is the students. After all, these are young adults who should be in the process of becoming responsible members of society. Local housing policy should reflect this but instead, yet again, puts all the onus on the much hated landlord.

    Many registered landlords, myself included , take our tenants safety and satisfaction very seriously …but we are not their mothers.

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