Preston Ewatch Newsletter

From PCSO Simon Turvey –

Dear Resident,

Here is this month’s Preston Ewatch displaying the crime figures for the months of February – April.

Below is a communication from Inspector Ransome in regard to changes within the East Brighton Neighbourhood team :

Dear resident,

Over my time in post I have seen some of the excellent work being done within the beats of East Brighton by committed Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), Local Action Teams and Neighbourhood Watch (to name a few).

I have attended a number of meetings to get a feel for the neighbourhoods and am pleased to hear of the high regard you have for your local PCSOs along with some of the pleas for me not to move them. With internal retirements, maternity leave and Police Officer recruitment I need to re-assess my team’s responsibilities and moves are an inevitable for us to continue to provide the quality policing you have come to expect. 

I have taken this opportunity to look at how my team address the threats, harm and risks to the vulnerable members of the community within my area. Our focus will be on putting the right resources in the right place, ensuring we are responding to those who are most in need.

I have undertaken an assessment of the East Brighton beats based on crime figures and the risks within those beats. This has provided me with a basis for re-alignment of my staff to ensure the right officers are in the right place, providing coverage across the team’s shift patterns.

My team are focussed on identifying issues at an early stage and providing the appropriate response to tackle the issue, at times this may involve all of my team being sent to one area to tackle the problem. What this means for your area is that the same resources are available when issues are identified. 

Each beat will have one or more named PCSOs to provide links to the community. It is my intention that they are out and about within their areas as often as possible to maintain community contact and seek to identify issues as they arise. We need to look at all types of communication to achieve this and not simply rely on occasional face to face contact.

For further information and contact details of your local officers please visit the Sussex Police website

On 05 May 2015 a number of my PCSOs will be changing their beats and taking up the challenge of a new area, building on the community links formed by the outgoing PCSOs.

My thanks go to those PCSOs who have served their areas so well and in some cases for so long and I wish them all well on their new beats. As residents, I encourage you to contact your PCSOs and advise them of emerging issues so that we can assist your community.

Thank you 

Paul Ransome


East Brighton and Hove Neighbourhood Policing Teams