All happening in the gardens

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There were very warm sunny days in April, it was then suddenly cool again but very dry, and now in May, lots of rain (at last) but an evil wind. Seeds germinated happily, but seedlings then sulked a bit due to the cold and now we’re ready to plant after the rain, the wind is torturing small plants. Looking back over this blog, it’s clear that every year has brought its challenges. This year at least, we are blessed with an evidently reduced snail population and no sign so far of aphid infestation.

Typically in April and May, I’m trying to catch up with myself. We’ve done lots of work in the gardens over the last month or so and I’ve not had time to update the blog.

In the shady garden, lush greenery is coming back and I think our star plants this spring are the orange-red heuchera I planted last summer…

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