Brighton and Hove is the fifth worst congested in the country

From The Argus

Commuters in Brighton and Hove lose 68-hours a year in evening rush hour traffic, according to TomTom.

The city is the fifth worst congested in the country according to a report by the sat nav company – behind only Belfast, London, Edinburgh and Manchester.

Peak-time journeys in Brighton and Hove take 59% longer than they would in free flowing traffic.

On average all journeys nationwide took 29% longer than they should and in Brighton and Hove they take 34% longer.

Congestion levels in the city have also got worse since TomTom carried out the same survey last year.

The percentage figures are calculated using an estimated journey time of 30 minutes.

Worldwide, the worst city was Istanbul, with average journeys taking 58% longer than in free-flowing conditions, rising to as high as 109% in the evening peak.

Mexico City was the second-worst city worldwide, followed by Rio de Janeiro.

Ralf-Peter Schaefer, TomTom Traffic vice-president, said: “Road authorities and local governments can use traffic data to better manage traffic flow and businesses can plan smarter working hours, so their employees avoid travelling during the rush-hour.”

1 thought on “Brighton and Hove is the fifth worst congested in the country

  1. Teddy

    Look carefully, the figures show that the congestion is WORSE than the comparator study taken this time last year, before the so called ‘Green’ road ‘improvement’ works took effect. They made it worse. That’s not Green, and its exactly what us true Greens predicted.
    If you are really green, if you really care about the environment, if you actually take note of facts not dogmatic fictions, you will vote for anyone other than the ‘Watermelon’ administration which brought us this.

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