Speeds on Viaduct Road drop by 20mph in first week of planter experiment

From Brighton & Hove News

Cars driving along Viaduct Road after a controversial trial involving plant pot chicanes are travelling about 20mph slower than before.

Viaduct Road picThe pots were placed in the busy road, which forms part of one of the city’s main arterial routes, on Monday.

The trial followed a drive by the London Road Local Action Team to improve the feel of the residential road, where 80% of drivers exceed the speed limit.

And in the first week, average speeds have dropped from being in the early 40mphs to 23.5mph – which is still above the 20mph limit.

The scheme has drawn criticism from motorists who say it is only a matter of time before they cause an accident.

But the council says the planters are safe if motorists stick to the speed limit. It also says although the pots are adequately lit according to guidance, it will be adding further traffic signs to each one.

The council’s road safety team manager Martin Heath said  “We are closely monitoring the effectiveness of the scheme along with any feedback from residents and other road users.

“These obstructions will not present a problem to compliant motorists travelling at reasonable speeds (20mph speed limit).

“Average off-peak speeds pre-planters was in early 40mphs. During Week one this has reduced to 23.54mph (highest speed recorded 56mph). Further measurements will be taken in week two.”

3 thoughts on “Speeds on Viaduct Road drop by 20mph in first week of planter experiment

  1. Teddy

    No, I don’t think its OK for anyone to drive dangerously fast Joe, can’t seem to see where on earth I said anything like that.

    If you are saying that speed control is necessary on that road that could be debated, but this is about dangerous obstacles in a road, no more no less, and perhaps the foolishness of people who thought that it would be a grand idea to control speed by introducing danger.

  2. Joe mcNulty

    What’s up Teddy, you think it’s OK for motorists to drive up Viaduct Road at over 40 mph? Most of us who have to cross that road don’t.


  3. Teddy

    Not just ‘drawn criticism’ but pretty universal condemnation, and now the Highways people have had to fit ugly temporary reflective guards as they are so dangerous – and as for the London Road LAT being fully on board well I wrote to the chair yesterday who was abroad and was not aware of the fiasco. Yet again, if your agenda is ‘I hate cars’ this was truly a success…

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