Please support the initiative to add London Road Station and historic street lights to the City’s heritage assets

From Ted Power, The Round Hill Society [Conservation].


I am pleased that the Heritage Team has accepted my suggestion to recommend Shaftesbury Place, Brighton London Road Railway for inclusion on the local list of Heritage Assets. The Review has now got to the stage where members of the public and local representatives (e.g. residents’ associations) can support successful nominations. For an overview, please see:


Although new nominations for the local list cannot be accepted at this stage, I notice that we are still invited to submit examples of letterboxes, street lighting and telephone kiosks which meet the specific criteria set out in the Council’s thematic surveys on these features.  The thematic survey on street lighting includes pictures / descriptions / individual locations, and is to be found at:

Many of the street lights in particular neighbourhoods – my own neighbourhood (Round Hill) has several historic ones with swan necks & cast iron columns – are already mentioned in the PDF document at the above link. So the main need is to comment in support of what is already “recommended for inclusion” in the above document. If you spot important omissions, suggestions of streetlights worthy of conservation can still be made to


LONDON ROAD STATION is a facility, which I believe to be of conservation value to all of our neighbourhoods (especially) as well as the city and the travelling public. I like it architecturally, but I also like the openness, the long view of the listed viaduct and the short view into the tunnel, the curve of the track, the rural-feel and the unusual staggered platforms, adding to exposure to wildlife / trees / vegetation along garden boundaries. Also spectacular, is the birds-eye view of London Road Station from the top of the tunnel (opposite the BP Garage on Ditching Road) which offered special joy when steam-trains revisited London Road Station last June on the 150th anniversary of the Brighton to Seaford line. Video of this event, showing the birds-eye view, is posted at:

Comments should be sent to or Heritage Team, Kings House, Grand Avenue, Hove, BN3 2LS.  The deadline for comments is 15th March 2015.  Any comments received will be considered in producing a final draft local list and PAN which will be reported to the council’s Economic Development and Culture Committee for approval.

Comments which support what The Heritage Team has already valued about London Road Station, would probably help most of all (see Categories A, C and F – see below).

However, in view of both Brighton’s railway history and the existence of a thriving community partnership [through which London Road Station now boasts a well-looked-after community garden next to Platform 1], I do feel that the reasons for listing cited by The Council’s Heritage Team are incomplete. Surely B – HISTORIC AND EVIDENTIAL INTEREST and D- COMMUNAL VALUE should also be recorded if we are successful in getting London Road Station listed. Older local residents will know the role of this little station over at least 3 decades in hosting a model railway club and in allowing folk clubs in the immediate vicinity to thrive. I attach my original submission (PDF) which includes photos and covers historic & evidential interest and community value (points B and D) as well as the criteria (see points A, C, F below) which Brighton and Hove Council’s Heritage Team rightly records as reasons for listing LONDON ROAD STATION.

  • A – ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN AND ARTISTIC INTEREST (i) a good example of a regional approach to its design, construction, planning, craftsmanship, decoration and/or materials
  • C – TOWNSCAPE INTEREST – (i) Within a Conservation Area, making a positive contribution to the character and appearance, but atypical in style, design and/or materials.
  • C – TOWNSCAPE INTEREST – (iii) Forms a visual focal point and/or landmark
  • F – INTACTNESS – (i) Retains a sense of completeness, in itself and/or as part of a larger group. (Note that the railway viaduct to the south-west of it is already listed). Retains the majority of its design features, such as the original windows to a building or original landscape/architectural elements within an historic park. This may represent a single phase of development or a number of historic phases of development.

Please help both by [1] commenting in support of the above, and [2] encouraging neighbours to comment on nominated places and features which make a positive contribution to our area.

LINKS TO DRAFT LIST (recommended for inclusion) and PDF ATTACHMENT (my original submission for London Road_station)

The Council’s first draft of heritage assets to INCLUDE on the revised local list is at:

The Council’s selection criteria for heritage assets worthy of listing is given here: