Guest talk by Tim Nichols

image001The SRRA meeting on Tuesday 10th February was preceded by a presentation from Tim Nichols, Head of Regulatory Services, Public Health, Brighton and Hove City Council. Tim’s informative and entertaining talk covered his team’s wide-ranging responsibilities which include monitoring local pubs, regulating shops that sell strong beer, investigating and dealing with noise and dog nuisances, pest control and animal welfare.

Using anecdotes and statistics, Tim vividly illustrated the challenges his team has faced and the successes they have had. He outlined his innovative approach to pest control, allowing humans and wildlife to live harmoniously in an urban area rather than resorting to killing.

He offered practical tips on dealing with a range of nuisances and outlined possibilities for partnership with SRRA in the area of community resilience. Tim was introduced and thanked by Paul Tofts.

For a report on Tim’s talk click here.