Planters on Viaduct Road are “crazy and very dangerous”

From the Argus – full story & video here

Four black plant pots have been installed along Viaduct Road, off Preston Circus, Brighton, as traffic calming measures after residents voiced concerns about speeding along the route.

The planters are also in place to provide “stronger visual clues about the street’s residential nature”.

Councillor Ken Norman labelled them as “crazy and very dangerous” and added they were a “ridiculous idea and waste of money”.

Chris Morford, a daily commuter from Henfield, said: “These planters are a danger, causing cars to swerve.

“If there is a speed issue let us have details of the number of complaints.

“If there is a realistic number then enforce the 20mph speed limit.”

A report presented to London Road Local Action Team said the road was used by 11,200 vehicles per day – more than half of which drive over 30mph.

Businesswoman Sue Addis, who uses the road every day, said: “It’s just ridiculous. There’s not enough room for two cars anyway.

“Will they be planted up with palm trees to make the entrance to our city more attractive with a tropical feel?

“Or is it a new game of swerve and bump to keep us all going at 20 miles an hour?”

Brighton and Hove City Council said the measures were experimental and there were currently no plans for permanent ones.

Martin Heath, Brighton and Hove City Council’s road safety manager, said: “Further softening of the traffic environment through planting can also create stronger visual clues about the residential nature of the street.

“Following some local public utility work last weekend, which resulted in the closure of a traffic lane, we took the opportunity to introduce some planters.

“The aim was to determine the impact that such measures might have on speeds, again to inform decisions about measures later on.

“At this stage, other than an objective to reduce excessive traffic speeds, there are no specific plans for any types of measures.

“The feedback we receive from the London Road Local Action Team and other stakeholders will be used as a basis for developing options.”


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