Council wins award for Lewes Road scheme

From The Argus

Council wins national award for £4 million transport scheme

Brighton and Hove City Council work on the £4 million Lewes Road improvement scheme has earned the authority the most improved journey to work accolade at the Smarter Travel Awards on Thursday 5th February.

The council was also shortlisted for the best smarter travel app category in recognition of the relaunched JourneyOn travel planning website which gives residents up to the minute travel options as well information on calories burnt and CO2 produced by different journey choices.

The council impressed judges with the increase in cyclists and bus passengers achieved by the conversion of the 4.5km dual carriageway between the Vogue Gyratory and Falmer into a single carriageway with bus lane with widened cycle lane.

Initial findings from the monitoring of the scheme showed a 7% increase in the number of bus passengers, daily cyclist numbers along the route rose by 14% from 2,085 to 2,383 while general traffic reduced by 13%.

The award is the latest in a number of transport prizes the council has received including the Civitas European City of the Year by for clean transport.

Councillor Ian Davey, lead member for transport at Brighton and Hove City Council, said the council was “delighted” to win the national award.

He said: “One of the main aims of the Lewes Road scheme is to make sustainable forms of transport more attractive, where it is a practical option for those concerned.

“Although the scheme has only been in place for a short period, the initial monitoring is very positive.”


One thought on “Council wins award for Lewes Road scheme

  1. Teddy

    I cycle on this road, regularly. In fact every day. I also drive it. Before the changes traffic moved, now I regularly see huge traffic hold ups, on occasions along the entire length of the road almost to Falmer. Other times the entire bus lane sits unused, while cars are forced to crawl along at perversely restricted speed limits. Pollution belches out, people trying simply to get to work are inconvenienced. I have seen no great increase in cycling, only the waste of an entire carriageway favouring ‘Go Ahead’ private bus company (yes the same one which strangles competition on sight). Plus at the vogue Gyratory the cycle lane crossovers remain dangerous. How was this either Green, or a success?

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