Campaign to “save” Preston Park velodrome

Thousands of cycling enthusiasts have joined a campaign to “save” the Preston Park velodrome after it was declared unsafe for racing.

Preston Park velodromeThis week British Cycling said that it no longer met competition standards which means that the clubs who use it such as the Sussex Cycle Racing League have had to suspend racing events there.

A Facebook page set up yesterday stated its aim as to: “not just make things ‘good enough’ for British Cycling to confirm that it can once again be used for racing, but that we raise enough pressure to make sure the track is improved to the highest degree so that future generations of cyclists can enjoy track racing in Brighton.

“The track could be the centre of excellence for cycling.”

By 7pm on Wednesday 21st January, more than 3,640 people had joined the campaign there, and a petition on Brighton and Hove City Council’s website signed by about 250 people.

The council, which owns the track, said it was looking into ways of repairing the track.

A spokesman said: “We are in communication with British Cycling and working with them. The cycle track in Preston Park no longer meets their competition standards as they are very different from day to day requirements.

“The cycle track is safe for non-competitive use and continues to be well used on a very regular basis.

“The council is looking to identify the cost associated with bringing the cycle track up to British Cycling competition standards and we are hoping British Cycling will assist us with this exercise. We then need to explore potential sources of funding.”