Sunday on The Greenway

London Road Station Partnership Blog

Greenway start 2Raking and cuttingThis Sunday, the sky was blue, the sun was shining: no rain, and mercifully, no wind. Still cold is easier to deal with. Walking along The Greenway from north to south, we noticed that the graffiti on the walls had been painted out. And there was a warm welcome for us when we reached the Church of Christ the King (CCK), our meeting point. We felt optimistic.

Up on the Greenway w bikeJess, the ranger, was there with tools and guidance. Our task today was to clear nettles and dock leaves in the grassy areas, clear leaves and dead vegetation around the vines climbing up the walls and pick up littler. We were around fifteen people, including two families and their children. As one of the younger participants observed, ‘This is actually quite good fun!’, as we massacred nettles and dock leaves.

It was good to hear from John from Brighton & Hove Wildlife Forum that…

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