The Happy New Year ahead – some dates

London Road Station Partnership Blog

December foxgloveMy last post of 2014 in early November and my first post of 2015 bear an almost identical photo. Our miraculous foxglove is still flowering on the south platform at the Brighton end …

It’s not been a bad end of year. We’ve had some storms, we’ve had some rain, we’ve had some frost but few of the extremes we’ve experienced in previous years. As usual, gardens are looking very forlorn though the platform planters at the station are holding their own.

To get the new year started, while the days are dull and short, here are some key dates for the first part of 2015:

Sunday 11th January 12.30 – 3.30 Greenway Action Day, Church Christ the King (CCK), Boston Street. Bring secateurs and loppers if you have them, and gardening gloves – and as it does get cold and wet, do wear warm rainproof clothing.

Tuesday 13th January 3.30 LRSP…

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