Winter platform planting

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Planters Brighton nov 2014 foxglove Foxglove in Brighton planter

We’ve just replanted the platform planters at London Road station for the winter with shade-tolerant plants: cyclamen, ivy and hebe. In the summer, the planters were slow to get going. Was it the very thick claggy compost we used, supposed to be ‘black gold’? Was it the fact that the planters are in shade for much of the day? Or was it the textile bags around the roots of the bedding plants which were supposed to make planting easier? We’re not sure – probably all three. We very nearly gave up on the foxgloves which were supposed to the be tall, eye-catching specimens in the centre of the planters. But now, at a most unexpected time of the year, they have decided to rally.

Lush foxgloves in Nick's planter - to flower in the spring? Lush foxgloves in Nick’s planter – to flower in the spring?

We have a flowering foxglove in the planter at the Brighton end of…

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