Clearing up The Greenway

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Greenway line choppingGreenway work underway 4 gdIt wasn’t the most inspiring day to be out clearing brambles and buddleia. The early morning forecast indicated heavy rain and even hail. Several of us wondered whether the planned ‘clear-up’ of The Greenway would go ahead.

But despite the rain, there must have been about fifteen of us at the Clarendon Centre just after midday ready to hack away at the overgrowth on The Greenway. We spanned a wide range of interested community groups, associations and agencies: LRSP and DRARA, Prestonville Community Association, St Luke’s Church, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Friends Centre, Church of Christ the King, Friends First and the city council. Our ward Councillors, Ian and Pete, were there too.

With loppers and secateurs, we managed to clear much of the vegetation along the wall and cut back the patch of stinging nettles taking over the grass by the path. The concrete wall revealed underneath the vegetation…

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