Sussex councils are losing recycling race

From The Argus – full story here.

Four Sussex councils are among the worst performers in the UK for recycling, new figures reveal.

The statistics, put together by national recycling and waste management company SITA UK, are displayed on an online interactive map, which ranks 326 councils in Britain.

Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) came in 302nd out of 326, recycling only 26.8% of its waste.

And Lewes District Council not only fares the worst in Sussex but is also among the worst in the country, coming 320th out of 326 (22.3%).

Crawley Borough Council came 305th, recycling 26.1% of its waste, while Hastings Borough Council came 314th, recycling 23.7%.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, Horsham District Council is the best- performing in Sussex, coming 42nd out of 326, with 52.5% of waste recycled.

BHCC’s Green administration made a promise in its election manifesto in 2011 that 70% of all domestic waste would be recycled in the city by the end of its current term in office – May 2015.

And there is the prospect of BHCC’s rating becoming worse. In an annual performance update for 2013/14, the council’s recycling figure was 25.6%.

This new national data is based on 2012/13 figures. BHCC’s score in this case is 26.8%, so it may slide down the national rankings when the 2013/14 figures are released at the end of this year.