City faces £102 million funding shortfall

From The Argus, click here for full story:

BRIGHTON and Hove is facing “extremely challenging” times with the need to cut £100 million from its budget over the next five years.

As central government grants are reduced by £18 million next year, Brighton and Hove City Council is facing a £26 million shortfall.

When looking ahead to 2019/20 the funding gap accumulates to an eye-watering £102.4 million – on top of £70 million already saved over the last four years.

With the Green administration’s bid to raise council tax to 4.75% rejected by opposition parties before it could reach referendum, the council is facing challenging times.

The Green party is now looking to raise council tax by 5.9 % but with this idea facing a backlash too, leaders are asking residents which services they should cut.

Where should the axe fall to save the £102 million over the next five years? Libraries, museums, parks?

Or maybe you believe savings can be made in public health, Adult social care, childrens’ services or – despite the recent problems – bin collections.

As the council starts work on setting its financial plan for the next five years, it is asking residents how they would balance the budget.

The council wants to know what you think they should stop doing or do less of, start doing or do more of, and what you would change or do differently.

Residents will be able to pass on their views of how to balance the budget with an interactive tool to be published this morning on The Argus and City Council website.