Beat Vehicle Crime

Dear residents,

 An ongoing problem in your area is the theft of items from unlocked vehicles, both on the public highway and from those parked on driveways. The common method is that individuals, often young people, tour the area overnight trying door handles and then searching any vehicles found insecure. The most common items stolen are loose change, sunglasses and any other valuable items left within.

From our own checks we find that anywhere between 1 in 20 and 1 in 40 vehicles are left unlocked.

We have had many successful prosecutions of such offenders and their arrest normally arises where either a member of public witnesses an incident and calls police or from where we have been able to identify offenders from private CCTV. It is the latter that I am hoping to further exploit and accordingly require your assistance:

We know from experience that many houses in the area have CCTV and also that these offenders often travel extensively across the area in the course of an evening. It follows then that just because they have not been caught on CCTV committing the crime, that they may have been caught on CCTV attempting other crimes that are not reported to us or detected by the owner. For example, if you had CCTV and someone checked your door handle but did not gain entry to the car, you would be none the wiser and would not think to check your CCTV.

What I propose is that we collate a list of all premises in the local area that have CCTV. In the event of a crime occurring we can then contact those residents and ask that they check their CCTV for the relevant time period. In the event of offenders being caught on CCTV we will then collect it and try to identify and arrest the offenders.

If you have CCTV and are willing to be retained on such a list, please email PCSO Cutter or myself. Please include your address and postcode in your email. If you are willing, please also include your contact number, however this is not essential if you would prefer not to.

Please find attached this month’s Ewatch Newsletter.

Kind Regards,


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