Tackling burglary in Sussex

Tackling burglary in Sussex – register your property today

Operation Magpie is our shared ambition to make Sussex a ‘no go’ area for burglars.

Our officers, staff and volunteers are working with our partners to make it impossible for burglars to operate in the county and now we are asking for your help.

When our officers respond to reports of burglary, they often cannot get enough detailed information about the items which have been stolen – without old boxes for electrical items or photographs of jewellery for example it can be very difficult to accurately identify what has been taken.

Better information not only helps us to get a better picture of where burglaries may be part of a series, it also greatly increases the chances of us being able to reunite stolen property with its rightful owner.

Immobilise.com is a free website where you can register the details of your property. The site isn’t just for mobiles and electrical items with serial numbers; you can register absolutely anything using a photo and description.

It is totally secure and is recommended by police forces around the UK.

Police officers access the system when they deal with lost property or items which are believed to have been stolen.

If property is registered on the site then we can identify who the lawful owner is.

If your house is burgled or if you are a victim of theft, then you will have a greater chance of being reunited with your property. Registering helps us to catch burglars and people who trade in stolen goods – giving us the evidence we need to prove that property is stolen.

25 million people use immobilise and, every week through the site, hundreds of people are reunited with their lost or stolen property.

Please help us to promote Operation Magpie and tackle burglary in Sussex by taking a few minutes to register your property on immobilise today: www.immobilise.com

To see a video about the system and how it works, please click here.