Stronger Neighbourhoods reduce your chances of being burgled‏

From Sussex Police.

The risk of becoming a victim of burglary is low, however during the summer that risk can increase because doors and windows left open make it easier for burglars to gain access.

Being part of the community and being neighbourly has proven to reduce the chance of being burgled, with stronger neighbourhoods helping to reduce crime overall. The Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (NHWN) for England and Wales states that by simply looking out for neighbours, reporting anything suspicious and adopting a few simple changes, helps to reduce the chance of being burgled. However, the advice from NHWN is that is always more which can be done and without new members and more communities looking out for each other, crime could start to increase.

Jim Maddan, Chairman of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network said:

“Studies show that Neighbourhood and Home Watch schemes have a positive impact, typically reducing crime in neighbourhoods by around 16 – 26%, which is why it’s vital society works together to continue to bring crime rates down. As we celebrate 50 years of Neighbourhood Watch, we’ve made the bold decision to rejuvenate our brand, changing our iconic logo for a limited edition logo by enlisting the help of’s popular meerkats to widen our appeal and ultimately drive down crime by bringing communities together.”






The Network has also been working with the Master Locksmith Association, Secured by Design and their Primary Security Sponsor Avocet Hardware, manufacture of the ABS high security door locks, in raising the awareness of the standards of locks and other security products.

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