Streets in Bloom – full steam ahead!

The Residents Association sub-group Streets in Bloom met for a second time on Saturday 12 July to progress ideas, having received the marvellous news of a Brighton Council financial grant of £500 toward its aims.

The group considered lots of ideas, but specific projects were agreed as worth pursuing, and these would be ‘worked up’ and recommended to the Committee as a whole. These include a ‘Starter Kit’ for planting around street trees comprising bulbs, compost and a green plastic enclosure girdle, a planter for the London Road Station cul-de-sac (similar to those on the platform on the other side), a bulb exchange and a volunteer network to help people get started.

If a planter can be placed at the station site it will also show information about the group and how to get involved, but in the meantime if you want to be involved and would like to be signed up to a free Starter Kit please call the group chair on 554343, or email on

Come on; get involved, we are intent on making our public spaces as pretty and welcoming as possible!