Bike Ramp on Station Footbridge

A bike ramp has been installed on the London Road Station footbridge.

Please let us have your comments, especially if you have used the ramp.

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2 thoughts on “Bike Ramp on Station Footbridge

  1. Edward White

    I am afraid that this has been a cynical, expensive, waste of time. If you have used the ramp you will find it does not actually work well, or at all. I am very fit and found it as hard to use as carrying my bike. This is for precisely the reasons that those of us opposing the ramp tried to set out, the published advice of a specialist London Firm that the specifications were wrong according to good practice – although the response of one enthusiastic ‘pro ramper’ was simply that if that firm would not do it ‘we should find another firm who will’. That seems to have been precisely what happened. There was no proper ‘consultation’ for ‘ideas to improve access to the station’ except to promote this pet project steered by a vocal activist minority. Suggestions that disabled access or toilet access may be considered were ignored upon the wrong advice that disabled issues were not applicable. If you believe in proper consultation you will have been as shocked as I have been at the railroading of a clique minorities pet project upon all users. The only good thing I can observe is that it does not look as ugly as some other alternatives originally mooted.

  2. steveontheweb

    The cycle wheeling ramp conforms perfectly to Cycle England specifications to avoid trip hazards for pedestrians but I do find that the L-shaped channel fitted flush to the wall needs a bit of concentration to keep the bike wheel running on it while holding the bike at an angle.

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