Results of the Preston Park Triangle CPZ consultation released

Email from our ward councillors to residents of the triangle. Please post any comments here.

“Dear resident,

The results of the Controlled Parking Zone consultation for Preston Park Triangle were released today.

The full version is contained in the papers for the meeting of the Environment, Transport, and Sustainability Committee meeting to be held on Tuesday 4th March.

These are available on pages 343 to 388 at:$$ADocPackPublic.pdf

The headlines are:

  • 610 valid responses were received. That represents a turn-out of 47.4%, which is remarkably high for a consultation of this nature. 
  • 597 people answered question 1. Of those, 392 (66%) said they were in favour of the introduction of a CPZ; 205(34%) were against. 
  • There were majorities in favour in every road consulted except for Preston Drove, where 42 (44%) were in favour, with 54 (56%) against. 
  • 490 people answered question 2. Of those, 373 (76%) were in favour of a seven-day per week scheme; 117 (24%) were in favour of a five-day per week scheme. 
  • 475 people answered question 3. Of those, 300 (63%) were in favour of joining the existing Zone J; 175 (37%) were in favour of forming a new Zone. 

As a result of the consultation, the recommendation to the Committee is to extend Zone J to cover all roads consulted, with the exception of Preston Drove which would not form part of the new Zone extension.

If you have any points or queries for your ward Councillors, please let us know.

If you wish to let the Committee members know your views before next Tuesday’s meeting; they are Councillors: Pete West; Oliver Sykes; Ian Davey; Chris Hawtree; Graham Cox; Tony Janio; Geoffrey Theobald; Allan Robins; Gill Mitchell; and, Emma Daniel.

Yours faithfully,

Leo Littman, Amy Kennedy, and, Mike Jones

Preston Park ward Councillors”