Residents boycott Ditchling Road service station

From today’s Argus:

Householders have vowed to boycott a petrol station after its owners “snubbed” requests to clean up their act.

Despite pleas from locals, the owners of the BP garage in Ditchling Road, Brighton, have refused to smarten up the dilapidated exterior of the garage shop, claiming they cannot afford it.

Andrew Haig, 68, of the Round Hill Society, wrote to MRH Retail, which owns the site, to suggest this work be carried out while the forecourt was being renovated in the summer.

However, the reply from Paul Williams, of MRH, said it was “an overhead that we cannot afford with no return presentable”.

Mr Haig said: “I think their response is a disgrace.

“Basically they are saying that they have no obligation to the local environment unless there is an immediate financial return.

“I for one will be buying my petrol elsewhere. I wouldn’t blame others for doing the same.”

Ward councillor Pete West said: “Residents in Ditchling Road work very hard to maintain the appearance of their own properties.

“This building however is a real mess and letting the side down badly. The service station and shop serve the local area, so I can’t understand the attitude of the owners toward their neighbours and customers.”