Phone Scam

Residents please be aware of a phone scam that is currently circulating;

The caller advises the taker that they have arrested someone who had a copy of the person’s debit card – they say that they are calling from Hammersmith Police Station and they ask for the security details on the back of the card.

They will ask numerous questions about the person taking the call i.e., mother’s maiden name and amount in account, they say their bank are producing forged notes and they are trying to catch them out. They ask for money to be drawn out in order that it can be detected to see if the notes are forged.

They say it’s a ‘highly secret operation’ and not to be spoken about!
This is obviously a scam and common sense must prevail – so please do not give out any details of your bank account to anyone over the phone.

Please be aware – if you receive one of these calls simply put the phone down……..

Many thanks – if you require any further info please call 101

East Brighton Neighbourhood Policing Team

Sussex Police

One thought on “Phone Scam

  1. sharon

    Thanks for the heads up! That is the same scam I read from the complaints posted at Based on the posts by those who have received the calls, the calls did go as you have described. Phew! These scammers must be working twice as hard nowadays. Christmas is coming and what better day to try to scam people than now, right?

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